Enhance Your Personal Brand and Get More Leads with Your Public Profile
Improve your personal brand and attract more leads for your business.
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Updated: 20 Apr 2023

Exemplifying our Partner360 commitment to continuously improving our products and solutions to serve you better, we’ve enhanced your Public Profile to help you improve your personal brand and attract more leads for your business.

Why is DDproperty enhancing my Public Profile?

Based on research conducted with property sellers and agents, an agent’s experience and area of expertise are key factors for sellers to consider when choosing the right agent to help them market and sell their properties. As such, DDproperty is enhancing your Public Profile with an improved appearance and building in more features and information to help you market yourself more effectively to prospective buyers and sellers and generate more leads for your business.

As an Agent Partner, am I entitled to a Public Profile?

This is available as a package entitlement to all Agent Partners, and excludes those who are subscribed to the Beginner package. More details on Agent Packages can be found here.

Would Corporate Account Agent Partners have access to the Public Profile?

Public Profile is not available for Corporate Account subscribers. To update your profile details, please email to support@ddproperty.com or call 02-204-9555 (Mon - Fri, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. closed on Public Holiday).

How would my Public Profile appear to property seekers?

If you’re a Pro or Superstar package subscriber, this is how your Public Profile will be displayed to property seekers.

If you’re a Beginner package subscriber, you’ll not be entitled to a Public Profile.

If you wish to unlock your full Public Profile, you may upgrade to a higher-tier package. More details on Agent Packages can be found here.

Where can I view my Public Profile?

You can view your Public Profile on www.ddproperty.com

My Public Profile is not visible on DDproperty, who can I contact?

Please email us at support@ddproperty.com so we can investigate further.

How do I update my Public Profile?

On your AgentNet dashboard, click on your profile name, followed by ‘Edit Profile’.

Complete all the fields required for your Public Profile.

Complete your Public Profile now!

For general enquiries, please reach out to our Customer Service at the following:

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