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DDProperty offers various tools so you can manage your account, listings and leads effectively.

No matter which stage of your real estate career you are at, we have an annual subscription package that will cater your every need. These are available at as low as THB 469 / month, and with the option of paying in installments.

The tree packages: Beginner, Pro, and Superstar package, are packed with entitlements that deliver convenience, performance and flexibility.

Your package details are displayed on the right-hand side of your homepage. 

If you wish to upgrade your current subscription, simply click on "Upgrade Package".

We encourage you to understand all features, so you can maximize them and be in the forefront of  3 million property seekers who visits DDProperty every month!

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Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Service at  cs-th@ddproperty.com

Alternatively, you can start a ‘live’ chat via the red button on the bottom-right of your AgentNet desktop page or call them at (+66) 02-204-9555. (Mondays to Fridays, 9AM to 6PM) 


Why is DDproperty revising package entitlements?

The revision was done primarily to enable our agents to use our new feature - Boost. Boost is a self-serve feature via AgentNet, where you can promote your preferred listing at your convenience. 

Ad Credits which are required to activate Boost are bundled with the packages, starting 1 Nov’19. 

Are there changes in the package prices?

The package subscription prices remained unchanged. 

When would the revised package entitlements introduced?

1 Nov, 2019

What happens to my current subscription after 1 Nov, 2019?

Your subscription continues to run as per usual, until your subscription end date. When your account is due for renewal, you are required to renew to the packages with new entitlements.

What are the differences in the old and new package entitlements?

Changes are made to the package entitlements; while package duration and subscription prices remain unchanged:

Can I still subscribe/renew to the packages with current entitlements, after 1 Nov, 2019?

The packages with current entitlements will not be available for subscription or renewal after 1 Nov, 2019. 

My account is expiring in Nov 2019 / Dec 2019, can I renew to the package with the current entitlements?

For Nov 2019 expiring subscribers - you can renew to the package with the current entitlements if you complete your renewal by 31 Oct, 2019, as you are in your Early Bird renewal period. 

For Dec 2019 expiring subscribers - as you can only renew your package from 1 Nov, 2019 onwards, the package with the current entitlements will not be applicable to you. 

My account is expiring in Sep 2019 / Oct 2019, can I renew to the package with the new entitlements?

For Sep 2019 expiring subscribers - you are unable to renew to the package with the new entitlements as they are only available in Nov 2019. Your renewal window will be closed. However, you can consider upgrading your account to the package with the new entitlements later.

For Oct 2019 expiring subscribers - you can renew to the package with the new entitlements, if you do your renewal in Nov 2019.

I’m your current subscriber and have unutilised Exclusive Listings. Would these unused Exclusive Listings be forfeited after 1 Nov, 2019?

Your unused Exclusive Listings will not be forfeited after 1 Nov, 2019. 

However, these unused Exclusive Listings will expire on your subscription end date. 

I’m currently subscribing to your Beginner package and is using MyWeb. Would my MyWeb is ceased after 1 Nov, 2019?

No. However, MyWeb will no longer be available to Beginner package subscriber or agents who renew to Beginner package, starting 1 Nov, 2019.

Are owners packages affected?

No changes are made to owners packages. 

I am subscribing to the corporate account. Can I choose to take up the agent package at my renewal?

Yes, you can do so during your renewal period.

I am subscribing to the agent package. Can I upgrade to the corporate account package?

Yes, you can. 

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