Exclusive listing is a premium listing that allows your listing prominently at the top of search results page. 

Exclusive Listing comes with a red flag to capture property seeker’s attention and has the top priority among other regular listings. Exclusive listing is your easy way to improve your listing performance, any time with triple benefits — higher ranking, better branding and more coverage. 

Exclusive listing required an investment of 1,200 THB/month for rent and 2,000 THB/month for sale. There are only 10 slots available for each area, listing type (for sale/for rent) and property type. 

How can I identify Exclusive listing?
For example, when property seekers search for condo in Huai Khwang. Exclusive listings in this area will be on the top of search result page.

To book your spot please contact your sales manager or call 02-204-9555 and press 1 or please email to customer service at cs-th@ddproperty.com

Further information on Exclusive Listing
What is the maximum number of Exclusive listing that appears on search results page? 

There are 10 slots available per district. 

What is the duration of each Exclusive listing?
30 days.
What is the start date of Exclusive listing?
 Exclusive listings start on the 1st and 16th day of the month.

Can I activate Exclusive listing anytime of the month?
Yes, you can however you will lose the remaining of the days if you activate after the 1st or 16th. Example if you activate on the 5th of the month your Exclusive listing will expire on the 30th.  

If my Exclusive listing has been sold or rented before my duration ends can I transfer to a new listing?
Yes, however the new listing that you want to replace must be from the same categories which is either for sale or for rent or property type and area. 

What is the duration for the new transferred listing?
The new transferred listing will only have the remaining days.Example if you transferred the listing on the 8th day of the month, the new Exclusive listing will expire on the 30th of the month. 

How much does it cost for an Exclusive listing?
Hot area
: 1,700 THB/month for rent and 2,400 THB/month for sale  
Regular area : 1,200 THB/month for rent and 2,000 THB/month for sale

What is Hot area?
Hot area
is an area where the demand is higher compared to other regular area. Examples such as Wattana, Khlong Toei and Huai Kwang. This data is regulated from DDProperty Website. 

What is Regular area?
Regular area
is an area other than the Hot area which have lesser demand compared to Hot area. This data is regulated from DDProperty Website.

 How to book Exclusive listing? 

You can book your spot by contacting the sales manager or customer service at 02-204 9555 (press 1). You may also email to customer service at cs-th@ddproperty.com Please provide the listing’s ID that you want to feature. 

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